Loomis creates the most efficient flow of cash


The vision of Loomis is to be the undisputed specialist at managing cash in society.

Cash is the most common payment method in the world. Bills and coins circulate among banks, consumers and retailers every day. With skilled employees, secure Cash in Transit vehicles and technically advanced equipment, Loomis ensures that cash circulates quickly and securely – both in the local community and internationally.

Loomis is one of the world’s leading cash handling companies. The service offering encom­passes cash in transit (CIT), cash management services (CMS) and an increasing number of complete solutions where CIT and CMS are integrated. Loomis also offers international valuables logistics including international transport, management and storage of foreign currencies and precious metals.

Loomis is the only major player that is completely specialized in cash handling. Loomis operates cash around the clock, every day of the year. Therefore, Loomis can predict how much cash is needed in different parts of the chain and at what time. Thus, on the markets where Loomis operates the company plays a vital part in making the cash flow more efficient.

The illustration below demonstrates the flow of cash in society, and how Loomis with its operations and expertise ensures that it is done in the most efficient and safe manner.

Flow of cash


  1. Loomis’ mission is to secure the supply of cash in society. CIT teams make sure that ATMs are replenished and that bank branches and retail outlets have the amount of cash that they need. 
  2. The general public withdraws cash from ATMs and bank branches to spend in retail outlets and restaurants.
  3. Loomis collects daily receipts and cash from retail outlets, restaurants, service boxes, deposit boxes and SafePoint units and … 
  4. ... transports them to cash centers. There, Loomis employees use modern equipment to count and quality-assure bills and coins with industrial efficiency. 
  5. The funds are then deposited in the customers’ bank accounts. The bills and coins are packaged and re-circulated in society as quickly as possible.

Loomis International offers international valuables logistics. The offering includes cross-border transportation of cash and precious metals and storage of valuables. This enables Loomis to ensure the safe flow of cash and valuables over national borders and between continents.