Erik Philip-Sorensen (1909-2001)

Founder: Erik Philip-Sorensen

In 1931, Erik Philip-Sorensen's career in the security industry starts when he is employed at a security company in Copenhagen, Denmark. The position became his stepping stone in the industry.

In 1934, Erik Philip-Sorensen left Denmark for a position at AB Helsingborgs Nattvakt in Sweden. Three years later, at the age of 28, Philip-Sorensen holds a majority of shares in the company. Over the following years, he acquired control of several other companies in the Swedish security industry. Business is prospering, among others; Lars Magnus Ericsson (founder of the telecom company Ericsson), invested in the company's various technology projects.

At an early stage, Philip-Sorensen started taking interest in ethical and moral issues facing guards and watchmen. As the business expanded and employees with different backgrounds were hired, he established a motto: ‘honesty, vigilance and helpfulness’ - to be at the core of all company operations. 

Shortly after acquiring the company “Swedish Nattvakt”, an international expansion of the business begins, with establishments in the UK and Japan. In 1972, all companies owned by Erik Philip-Sorensen are united under the brand Securitas.

Erik Philip-Sorensen handed over the control of Securitas to his sons, Sven and Jörgen, in 1981. By then the company employed almost 24,000 people, had offices in 15 countries and an annual turnover of 1.9 billion SEK, making it one of the world's largest security firms. Erik Philip-Sorensen died in 2001.