Lee Loomis (1870-1949)

Founder: Lee Loomis

Like many others, Lee Loomis began his career in the transportation business, seeking his fortune during the Alaskan gold rush.

In 1897, Lee Loomis set out for Alaska during the gold rush. Armed with a pistol and using a dog sled, he supplied Alaskan miners with equipment.  With the gold he managed to save, he moved to Portland, Oregon. In 1925, he founded Loomis Armored Car Service. An armored transportation vehicle, later named ‘Old Number One’, was produced at a cost of $ 8000 and put into operation. The company soon began a westward expansion and in 1932 the headquarters were transferred to Seattle, Washington, where it remained for half a century.

When Lee Loomis died in 1949, he leaves the company in the hands of his son Walter.