Financial targets

Loomis’ overall goal is to create value for shareholders by generating good profitability and sustainable growth.

Targets 2018-2021

At our Capital Markets Day in London on September 28, 2017, strategy and new targets were presented for 2018-2021, for more information, please click here.

Targets 2014-2017

In 2014 new financial targets were presented. They are in line with Loomis’ strategy and reflect the Group’s growth ambitions up to the end of 2017.

SEK 17 billion in revenue by 2017

Loomis has a revenue target of at least SEK 17 billion by 2017. Loomis is in a strong position and is focusing on increased growth. Loomis’ future growth is expected to primarily come from increased outsourc­ing of cash management services (CMS), SafePoint, Loomis International and acquisitions in both existing and new markets.

An operating margin (EBITA) of 10–12 percent

Since the stock exchange listing in 2008, Loomis has focused on improving operational quality and increas­ing operating margins. Today, the Company is main­taining high quality and an operating margin of around 10 percent. Loomis will continue to focus on constant margin improvements and has identified opportunities to fur­ther improve the operating margin. The target is an expected operating margin of 10–12 percent. This tar­get represents a higher growth objective, where the cost of investing in growth activities may offset short-term margin improvements.

Net debt in relation to EBITDA is not to exceed 3.0

Loomis’ target for the Group’s maximum debt/EBITDA is 3.0. The target will allow Loomis to take advan­tage of opportunities that are aligned with the Company’s growth ambition and acquisition criteria. Loomis has concluded that the operating risk has steadily decreased and that Loomis can therefore per­mit a higher level of financial risk.

Annual dividend of 40–60 percent of the Group’s income after tax

Over the past five years, Loomis’ shareholders have received an average annual dividend of 49 percent of net income. Historically, Loomis has achieved constant improvement in operating income and cash flow, and has maintained a stable capital expenditure level.

Loomis wants this trend to continue as this will enable the Company to maintain an average dividend of 40–60 percent of net income for the year.