Our business

Our business

Loomis is the only international specialist in cash- and value handling. We manage cash and valuables 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Loomis’ customers are primarily found in the banking sector and the retail industry: they hire us to improve their efficiency and mitigate the risks related to their business.

Specialist in cash handling

As the specialist in creating efficient cash flow and flow of valuables, Loomis offers cash in transit, analysis, planning, cash management services and international services for banks, retailers and other companies. Cash in transit is the core of our business. Our 6,600 secure transport vehicles collect and deliver cash and valuables daily between stores, banks, deposit boxes and ATMs. It is vital to ensure that the right amount of cash is available in the right place at the right time. We use special systems to optimize the routes.

We have over 200 cash processing centers equipped with state-of-the-art technology to count, authenticate, and check the quality of banknotes and coins.  Every day, we handle up to 50 million banknotes in the processing centers. Deposits to our customers’ bank accounts are made through a clearing system in collaboration with banks. We help our customers reduce the time spent on managing cash manually and make sure the money is rapidly deposited in their bank accounts.

At the processing centers, we also store cash in order to supply banks and retailers with additional banknotes and coins when needed. In the vaults, at the processing centers, we can also store other valuables such as precious metals.

Comprehensive solutions

Our comprehensive solutions cover the entire chain of cash handling services - from cash in transit and cash management to reporting. We have the technical solutions required to ensure safe and efficient cash handling.

An example of such a technical solution is SafePoint. It is a system specially developed for retailers whereby Loomis is responsible for the cash once it is deposited into the SafePoint. Loomis SafePoint reduces the risks for  employees of our customers, reduces work time spent managing cash manually, reduces the risk of the customers for external and internal theft, and makes it possible for retailers to track their cash flow through reporting systems. Loomis SafePoint also enables the customers to quickly have access to the cash generated through quick credit into the bank account.


Loomis can offer to take full responsibility of the management of ATMs. The total package includes, among other things, quality sorting of bills, replenishments, reconciliations, service, and reporting to the accountable bank. In some markets, Loomis offers analysis of cash flow and forecasts of the amount of cash necessary, depending on location and day of the week. This reduces costs and ensures that the right amount of cash is available for withdrawals at all times.

International valuables logistics

Since May 2014, Loomis offers international valuables logistics in addition to the existing Cash in Transit and Cash Management Services lines of businesses. International valuables logistics consist of two types of operations; cross border transportation of cash and precious metals and storage of valuables.