The 2017 Annual General Meeting participants elected Pricewaterhouse Coopers AB as the external auditor for a period of one year.

The auditors’ work is performed from an audit plan, which is determined in agreement with the Audit Committee and Board of Directors. The auditors participate in all meetings with the audit committee and present their findings from the audit at the Board meeting in February. In addition the auditors shall annually inform the Board of Directors about services rendered in excess of the audit, fees received for such services and other circumstances that might effect the evaluation of the auditors’ independence. The auditors shall also participate in the Annual General Meeting, presenting their performed audit work and conclusions.

The audit is performed in compliance with the Swedish Company’s Act and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden, which is based on International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

Auditor in charge from 2011 is the authorized public accountant Patrik Adolfsson;

  • Born 1973
  • Authorized Public Accountant and member of FAR.
  • Other audit assignments: Attendo AB, Catella AB, Nordstjernan Investment AB and Securitas AB.
  • Shareholding in Loomis: 0

Audit Fees and Reimbursement

Auditing assignments include auditing the annual report, interim reports and accounting records, and reviewing the corporate governance excercised by the Board and President. Also included is advice given in connection with observations from audits. Everything else is classed as other assignments.



Parent Company

SEK m 2016 2015 2014   2016 2015 2014  
Audit assignment 13 11 11   3 3 2  
Other assignments  1   4   6   1 2 3  
Other auditors      1        1      1         -       -       -