Group management

  • Patrik Andersson

    Patrik Andersson

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Birth: 1963

    Employed since: 2016

    Principal education: Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics-International Business Program, University of Lund.

    Experience: President at Orkla Foods Sverige, senior positions within Unilever Group, President Wasabröd globally within Barilla Group and President and CEO Rieber & Son.

    Other assignments: Member of the Board of Ecolean AB.

    Shareholding in Loomis: 2,000 (privately)

  • Anders Haker

    Anders Haker

    Chief Financial Officer

    Born: 1961

    Employed since: 2012

    Principal Education: Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, Uppsala University

    Experience: CFO Lundin Mining Corp, CFO Boliden AB, Controller Trelleborg Finance, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

    Shareholding in Loomis: 2,678 (privately)

  • Lars Blecko

    Lars Blecko

    Regional President USA

    Born: 1957

    Employed since: 2008

    Principal Education: Master of Science at Karlstad University

    Experience: President and CEO of Loomis 2008-2013, CEO of Rottneros AB 1999-2008, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Cardo Rail AB, President of Radiopharmaceuticals within the Du Pont Group in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

    Shareholding in Loomis: 42,134 (privately and relatives)

  • Georges López Periago

    Georges López Periago

    Regional President Europe

    Born: 1965

    Employed since: 1985

    Principal Education: Master of Science in Business and Economics, various management courses within the Securitas Group

    Experience: Country President of Loomis Spain, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager and Cash Center Manager Securitas CHS

    Shareholding in Loomis: 7,796 (privately)

  • Urs Röösli

    Urs Röösli

    Head of Loomis International (LI)

    Born: 1969

    Employed since: 2014

    Principal Education: Master of Business Administration, University of St. Gallen, Strategic Management Training, University of St. Gallen and Advanced Strategic Management, IMD Lausanne

    Experience: Managing Director Corporate Supply Management and Quality Haniel Textil Services, Head of Division MSE and VMI of VIA MAT Group.

    Shareholding in Loomis: 2,570 (privately)

  • Johannes Bäckman

    Johannes Bäckman

    Head of M&A

    Born: 1964

    Employed since: 2013

    Principal education: Master of Science in Business Stockholm School of Economics, Chinese and Thai from Universities in Stockholm, Lund and Beijing.

    Experience: Corporate Development Director, Managing Director South East Asia and Director of Mergers and Acquisitions, Xylem Inc.

    Shareholding in Loomis: 511 (privately)

  • Kenneth Högman

    Kenneth Högman

    Executive Vice President, Regional President UK

    Born: 1957

    Employed since: 1978

    Principal Education: Engineer

    Experience: Business Development Loomis AB, Regional manager Securitas CHS Nordic, President of Securitas CHS Sverige

    Shareholding in Loomis: 20,195 (privately)

  • Mårten Lundberg

    Mårten Lundberg

    HR Director

    Born: 1965

    Employed since: 2014

    Principal education: Bachelor of Applied Science in HR from Stockholm University and Executive Master in HRM from Bocconi University, Milan.

    Experience: HR Manager, Market Units, at Eniro AB, HR Director Skandia Nordic, HR manager Swedbank International, Head of Compensation & benefits Swedbank, HR If P/C Insurance, Sales and marketing Skandia.

    Shareholding in Loomis: 335 (privately)

  • Martti Ojanen

    Martti Ojanen

    Group Head of Risk

    Born: 1962

    Employed since: 2009

    Principal Education: Master of Science in Business and Economics, Växjö University.

    Experience: Vice President Risk Management, Marsh AB.

    Shareholding in Loomis: 10,654 (privately)